Tourist information and service

A wide selection of guides and maps of the Tri-City can be found in most bookstores. The largest collection of them, also antiquarian items, owns PTTK, by offering them at the Gdańsk Cow Gate (closes ul. They will embrace), in the Sopot branch at ul. Haller 17/19 and in Gdynia at ul. 3 May 27. In addition, maps and guides can be purchased at almost any kiosk, at post offices and street stands with postcards and maps – especially in the summer season.


A good information center is PTTK Gdańsk Branch at ul. Długa 45; tel.3011343. You can not only get tourist information here, but also to see, what a real entrance hall looked like in a patrician tenement house (or hire a guide, order the organization of a colony, camp or booking on the ships of the current fleet).

• Tourist Service Office, the. Bogusławski 1 (at the Upland Gate); tel.3016096, tlx 513132).

•Gromada, the. Wide 82/83; tel.3016641; domestic and foreign tourism.

•Orbis, the. Hevelius 22; tel.3014544; 3012384; open every day. 10.00-16.00; sale and booking of tickets for all kinds of communication and for events.

• Harctur, the. Holy Spirit 119/120, tel.3011329.


The local Tourist Service Office is the most efficient and has the most friendly service of all Tri-City offices. It is located at ul. 3 May 27, open Mon-Sun. 9.00-18.00, tel.6217524, 6217751. Here you can get all the information about your stay in Gdynia, order a guide, holidays, accommodation and coach tickets for trips abroad.

Travel agencies

•Orbis, the. Home Army 22, tel.204844; sells airline tickets (domestic and foreign), insurance policies, tickets for ferries and bus journeys.

•Sports-Tourist, the. Starowiejska 35, tel.6217734.

•Gromada, the. Świętojańska Street 132, tel.6204216.

•Glob Travel, Świętojańska Street 64, tel.6200786, airline and ferry tickets, domestic and foreign trips.

•Nord, the. Jana z Kolna 4, tel.6201405, 6206666.


All information regarding the organization of your stay in Sopot is provided by the following institutions.

• Sea swimming pool in Sopot, the. Chopin 10, tel.5510002, 5511276.

•Kąpielisko, pier branch, tel.5510481.

•PTTK, the. Driveway 1, tel.5510618.

• Private Accommodation Office, the. Dworcowa 4, tel.5512617.

Travel agencies

• Bałt Tur, the. Kosciuszko 12, tel.5516444.

•Orbis, the. Heroes of Monte Cassino 49, tel.5514142.

Information in the media

Radio and television

• Radio Gdańsk, Gdansk, the. You're a real spit fire 23, tel.3411211,67,85 i 103,7 MHz; good cultural service, especially discussions of shows and cinema news.

•Radio Plus, Gdansk, the. Suwałki 46, tel.3479143, 67,07 i 101,7 MHz; Catholic broadcasting station, lots of ads.

• Radio Eska Nord, Gdynia, al. Wins 256, tel.6649060, in Gdansk 96,4 MHz, and in Gdynia 72,92 i 106,7 MHz; perfect service for drivers – where are the traffic jams, road works and where police cars are standing.

• TVG, the. Gdansk, the. Czyżewski 42, tel.5525041; state local television, Panorama information service daily. 18.10, w sb. 10.45 Co, where, when, that is an information service about the most interesting cultural and sports events and events of the coming weekend.


• Voice of the Coast, Targ Drzewny 3/7 tel.3011572; some local gossip, some facts and basic information about RTV programs; for visitors it is a rather unhelpful source of information.

• Coastal Evening. Targ Drzewny 3/7, tel.3015041; a popular afternoon meal in the Tri-City, appearing… in the morning, tabloid-type newspaper, with sensations, skandalikami, as well as with heart tips, information about sports as well as RTV and cinema programs.

• Gazeta Morska, (supplement to Wyborcza), the. Tkacka 7/8, tel.3051630; on Fridays with What's Up, that is an extensive information service about events and cultural events, in the daily editions a lot of information about the ambulance and this, which is important and up-to-date.

• Dziennik Bałtycki. Targ Drzewny 3/7, tel.3015041; the largest and most comprehensive newspaper in the region, containing comments on events in the Tri-City, province and country, good sports supplement (especially in Mon.), a lot of news about events and an extensive classifieds website.

• Evening, Targ Drzewny 3/7, tel.3015041; weekly, and in it rumors from governmental spheres, crime fiction, love, sex and horoscopes… good reading to the beaches or to the train.

• Gdynia Courier – weekly.

• Tygodnik Trójmiasto

• Gdynia News – monthly.

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